Marketing and Branding

We take a proactive marketing approach in developing and enhancing our clients’ brands off the field and off the court. From local and regional partnerships to National and global sponsorships to digital endorsements, our clients become trendsetters – not followers.

Public and Media Relations

Our client’s public image is of the utmost importance. We strategically coordinate interviews and plans to tell our clients’ stories. This additional exposure helps increase brand awareness, which leads to lucrative opportunities with companies and organizations. These events are not limited to articles, but also include first pitches, puck drops, in-game promotions, digital videos, and other content captures.

Appearances and Autograph Signings

Our clients are role models and stars in their respective communities. Through appearances and autograph signings, fans can meet, take photos with, and get autographs from our athletes and coaches.

Social Media Management

Technology is always evolving and advancing, and this includes social media. Social media is a very important tool if it is utilized in the correct way. Large followings as a key influencer can equate to endorsements and activation opportunities. We help our clients manage their accounts, secure verification, and create strategic plans to expand their reach.

Sporting and Entertainment Ticket Procurement

We help secure exclusive access, backstage passes, courtside tickets, luxury suites, and meet & greets for our clients’ and their families’ favorite teams, artists, bands, musicians, and performers.

Full-Service Concierge

As a full-service manager, we want the client and his/her family to be as stress-free as possible. We coordinate and arrange business travel and personal vacations including, but not limited to booking airfare, hotels, rental cars, limousine service, private chauffeurs, and personal security. We also recommend and make reservations to exclusive restaurants, clubs, and lounges where the client will receive first-class service. In addition, we provide our clients with birthday and anniversary reminders for family and friends.


Giving back, charity, and philanthropy are very instrumental in our clients’ lives. During the season and the offseason, their presence in a room provides relief and smiles to those less fortunate or those who are ailing. Our clients understand their platform and maximize these opportunities to provide inspiration and motivation through visiting hospitals and schools, meeting with the military, hosting turkey drives and holiday shopping sprees, and holding youth camps.

Corporate Events

Businesspeople love sports and entertainment. During our clients’ playing and coaching careers, we align them with successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. These events have included charity golf outings, corporate luncheons, private dinners, and exclusive galas. Your network equals your net worth!

Post-Career Planning

Professional sports playing and coaching careers do not last forever. We take a proactive approach from their first few years until their retirement. These strategies and plans include, but are not limited to setting realistic goals, earning a college bachelor’s degree, obtaining an advanced certification or designation, and participating in internships and externships, and continuously networking.